Alternative to Symantec Endpoint Protection and Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

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What alternative would you recommend either open source or paid to replace Symantec Endpoint Protection for a network,
or Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection which runs on a network.
Thank you.
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Cylance Protect is an excellent cloud based solution.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013

Pretty much anything to replace Symantec - I've never liked them.  
Malwarebytes I've only used for as needed removals, not on access scanning.  Frankly, it's one of the better products to use.

That said, Antivirus/Anti-Malware solutions, these days, are largely ineffective.  You should have one, but you're a fool if you think it'll keep you safe.  They're like the flu vaccine - only about 20-30% effective.  You should have one because security should be a layered approach and these are one of the layers, but nothing in the space should be treated like a guarantee.

Open Source has Clam AV - it's about the only thing I've ever heard of... frankly, I consider it very weak.  Better than nothing, but very weak.  I truly loathe symantec but I'd use them before Clam.  Otherwise, just about anything is fine... There are plenty of review sites, but most if not all often treak "paying" products (those that pay money to them) better and evaluate them higher.  Those that do treat things "fairly" use samples and some may work better than others with samples.  If you need to justify your pick, you can probably find one that will list whichever you choose as a top 3 product.
Distinguished Expert 2018

Depends on what exactly you're seeking. CrowdStrike overall looks like a pretty solid product, but is not going to be the least expensive by any stretch of the imagination. McAfee may work for you as well. Defender is a *much* better product than it used to be. ESET has generally worked fine from my experiences. Would never recommend Trend Micro or Kaspersky.

Building on Lee's point, user awareness is a major point that you should be sure to be have. Exercises of all sorts, ranging from phishing to malware from USB devices. AV and EDR solutions will never solve everything.
This is where I would typically suggest looking at Avast Business -

I've been using and recommending their endpoint product lines for years. They have always been solid with minimal issues.

Now however since acquiring AVG they seem to be slipping

Issues under windows 7 caused their mail scanner to turn off though it showed as being on, and Microsoft has blocked certain updates for Windows 10 until compatibility issues have been resolved by Avast

We're still using it, but watching closely and looking at alternatives


I will look into these products, thank you.

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