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Best UI Framework for web application

I want to write a web application that will be hosted on the cloud. It is UI based application. It will programmatically interact with AWS and few other tools. I have heard about Angular, React, Vue, etc. Which UI framework is best and why? Looking for a framework which will give the best UX and performance.
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David Favor
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Without having more detail, best stick with WordPress as your framework for UI based systems.

The only real difference between WordPress + other frameworks, is with other frameworks you'll require a fair amount of time + budget to re-develop existing WordPress code (themes, plugins, session management, code update management) which you get by default with WordPress.
It's a really difficult question to answer - which is the best. Ask a number of devs and they'll all give you their own reasons as to why one is better than another. The big 3 are Angular, React and Vue. React is probably the most popular (currently), but Vue is quickly gaining traction. They all have their pros and cons, so you'll have to do some research of your own.

Before you start researching though, you'll want a good understanding of what your application requires. Break it down into functional chunks, and then base your research on that. Without a good brief, you wont really be able to prioritise your needs.

There's also the question of time. Whichever framework you choose, there will be a learning curve. Depending on your current level of experience, that will differ between frameworks (according to various sources, Vue is probably the easiest to learn / Angular has the steepest curve). If you're already a whizz with JS, then you should be able to pick up a basic skill set quite quickly.

They're all likely to do what you need, but differ in how they do it.

And as for the best UX - that's not so much Framework related - that's a skill for the developer. Any of these 3 can give you a great, responsive web app, but they can also give you a terrible one !!
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To give more details, this app can not be done using WordPress. We need to develop it. It's internal for company users but requires lot of integration with third party defect tracking system, code repo, cloud IAAS, PAAS etc. It will interact with SQL and Nosql database. It needs to be very secure. We will also have a kind of access control mechanism implemented.
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Chris Stanyon
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So should I go ahead with angular? The back end is set of microservices written in java and node. dB is aws Aurora. UI app will also be deployed on cloud.
Sure ... if you like. It's your choice !
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Thank you sir. Appreciate your help.
Using WordPress as a framework produces a big win for App dev.

1) Apps can be written as plugins, so App code is easily encapsulated.

2) If some future requirement requires session management for 1000s of simultaneous users, WordPress allows this type of evolution in a simple + elegant manner.

So while I agree with Chris the type of project described here can be done in any framework (WordPress or any other), simple frameworks break down for complex user interactions.

Better to just use WordPress + get all this for free if required.

Then again, I'm super lazy, so when I work on a project I do my level best to ensure all work today leads to less work tomorrow... so my rule of thumb is to avoid developing my own custom/handrolled user/session management system at all costs... because I know I'll never be as smart as 1000s of developers working on user/session management in WordPress every day.

Note: Be sure to consider any future directions a project may take... including your exit strategy...
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Thanks David. I will consider this as an option.
You're welcome!

To many WordPress is overly complex... until... the day comes when WordPress type functionality is required, then a person starts thinking about how they will redevelop WordPress tech themselves. Many times, they just switch to WordPress then.

My preference is to use WordPress whenever user interaction is required, then encapsulate any other non-UI code inside API called code.