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Mass search for folder access permissions

I wish to scan a massive folder structure to see which folders a person had access to during his employment, i.e. the ones where he was given specific access to instead of a group he was a member of.

I found one called accesschk that I can run from a command prompt, but it doesn't seem to drill into the folders.  Has anyone seen a program which will do that and just spot out a text or csv file I can sort?
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This isn't for my system, it's for a remote location and not my account. That program doesn't seem to do that.
What results do you get?
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OK, now I understand what the program does. It doesn't search for one user but displays all users who have access to it, outside of the parent.

I can work with this, but I'd really like to get a script that searches for a specific user, rather than show me everything--which is kind of doesn't do as I expected a humongous list.
Since you're trying to get results for a certain user using AccessChk, I presume you've tried something like this to "...see which folders a person had access to..." and "...drill into the folders", which is what this does:
accesschk domain\username -d -s z:\sharename\folder

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Yeah, I'm having some luck using the AccessEnum program, outputting to text files, and using PowerShell to pull strings out that have his username. That's do for now. Thanks.