Excel 2013 VBA - Message box with location of my active cell.

brothertruffle880 used Ask the Experts™
I would like to generate a message box with the current location of active cell.

What is the VBA code I can use to do this?

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byundtMechanical Engineer
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MsgBox ActiveCell.Address(External:= True)        'Includes worksheet and filename
MsgBox ActiveCell.Address                                      '$A$1 style address only

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Tom FarrarConsultant

I know you said VBA, but you could always look in your name box on the ribbon.
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Hi there! :)

In a formula, it will look like this:

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But I also understand why you need a VBA, since your cell might need to have other values, formulas or data.

You may refer to the example file: Example.xlsm

The full code:
Sub ActiveCellInformation()

    MsgBox ("The active/current cell's address is " & ActiveCell.Address & _
    vbNewLine & "The active/current cell's row is row " & ActiveCell.Row & _
    vbNewLine & "The active/current cell's column is column " & Chr(ActiveCell.Column + 64) & " / column number " & ActiveCell.Column & _
    vbNewLine & "The active/current cell's formula is " & ActiveCell.Formula & _
    vbNewLine & "The active/current cell's result/data is " & ActiveCell.Value), 0, "Active Cell Summary"
End Sub

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Thanks so much for providing the code and the insights!

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