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Email attachment encryption

I need to send 10-15 pdf attachments (encrypted with password protection) to client. How can I do that? What tools or software can i use so that client can open by entering the password
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Tomas Helgi Johannsson
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Hi Uma,

Here's a five-minute EE video Micro Tutorial explaining how to do it with free software:
How to password-protect a PDF with free software - PDF-XChange Editor

The free version of that software has many other very nice features. Here are two more five-minute EE video Micro Tutorials showing a couple of them:

How to rotate pages in a PDF with free software - PDF-XChange Editor
How to OCR pages in a PDF with free software - PDF-XChange Editor

Regards, Joe
Hi Uma,

After writing my initial post, I started writing an update to it with another idea, i.e., to pack all of the files into a ZIP file and put a password on the ZIP file. An excellent free product to do that is 7-Zip:

For extra protection, you can use both methods, i.e., password-protect each PDF file and password-protect the ZIP file.

However, when I hit the Submit button on my initial post, I saw that Tomas already came up with the 7-Zip idea, but I figured that since I wrote this, I'll post it, anyway, if for no other reason than to say it's a good idea. :) Regards, Joe