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Network Access

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I have a problem with network access.  Running a network which has four servers, 5 workstations, and a VPN. Suddenly we have lost the ability to access one of the windows 7 servers.  One of the other servers provides DHCP for the local network so the network is still running.

Of course this server holds holds our order entry DB and the CAD file archives.  The server is running windows 7, and RAID.   I can access all files from the server itself.  I also can access other systems from this server.  

All of the other systems have the appropriate server files mapped as a network drives, which they can no longer access.

I have checked the settings, but I thought I would throw it out there to see If I have missed anything before I replace the system.
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Windows 7 is a workstation OS not a server OS .. one user on another computer can establish more than 1 connection and you are limited to 20 concurrent connections.
It is time for a new system.  This guy is turning off on it's own.
Can you ping the server by IP address from workstations?  What about pinging by name?

What sorts of messages do you get when you try to access shares on the server from a workstation?

Have you checked Windows Defender Firewall on the server?  I'd turn it off completely just as a test.