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I would like to know how to do a network setting on VMWare Workstation.

■Windows 10 Pro (64bit)
■VMWare Workstation 15 Pro (Ver 15.5.1)
■Added 2 NIC cards on the PC (ST1000SPEX2L)
■Installed "Realtek - Ethernet Diagnostic Utility"
■Two Linux Virtual machines are on VMWARE Workstation

Here are what I would like to do:
*Please refer to the attachment file.
1)  Each Linux machine needs to connect with "Specialized Monitor"s using PC NIC 2 or 3.
2) There two monitors need to connect to "Central Server" through internet access using PC NIC1 in order to download "program".l
3) There is a network setting of the Linux machine:  two Ethernet Network Card (for global and private address)

I am not sure how to do the setting:
1) "Network adapter" setting on Virtual machine.
     Should I config using Bridge with physical network connectivity. Is so, which of the "VMnet" number should I use?
      How about another virtual machine setting? what is the difference? what is  "VMnet" number?
2) "Virtual Network Editor" setting:
      How I should configure on here? VMWare-Workstation---2-VM-connecting.pdfLinux Network card setting       ex.  VMnet 0 and VMnet 1 are configured as Bridge and connecting to PC NIC 2 and 3...

3)  "Realtek - Ethernet Diagnostic Utility"
    I assigned VLAN ID 2 as PC NIC2 and VLAN ID as PC NIC3 for now.

I appreciate it if you can tell me the step by step instruction. If you have the VMWare Workstation screenshots, that will be helpful.
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I am not sure I understand what you are ...

Vlans are controlled by switches. Do you have a managed switch

If you access option, network, and then select the Nic in question, on the right side you will have an option to designate which physical Nic you want the VM's Nic to ve tied to?

I gather the connection of nic2 and nic3 use crossover cables and the IPs on each end are predetermined.

You want the Windows 10 to function as a router?

Or I be of the Linux VMs to route/connect the specialized monitors?

Look at Linux as a router.

Why not use a single Linux VM to do both?



Thank you for your reply.

That is true about VLAN...  I used to use a mounted server under controlled of a managed switch.
I do not use "managed switch" after migrating it to PC.

■Two Linux instead of a single Linux VM:
The reason why I need both Linux, but not a single Linux VM is there are separate systems so that I need two Linux VM.

■Look at Linux as a router
I will check about it.
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Without managed switches, vlan settings might complicate things, since the two will likely be connected directly using a cross cable, vlan might not be necessary.

If you need to run DHCP on each VM, make sure to bind the DHCP service to the Nic connecting to the monitor.

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