Access VBA open form and filter sub form in it

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What Access VBA would I use to open a  form and at the same time filter the sub form in  it?
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Adjust the MasterLinkFields and ChildLinkFields to hold the value to filter by and the field to filter on, respectively.
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It solely depends on your use-case and what the form/subform represents and whether the main form is data bound or not and when, where and how the filter criteria is determined.

Possible approaches:
- use the master/child approach as Gustav wrote
- use a [Form]!.. reference in the data source of the subform
- use TempVars
- use proxy function(s) to return the filter values in the subform
- change the data source of the subform
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and note that the master link can point to a control on the main form as well as a field.  That can come in handy at times.  The other way you can handle this is to change the subforms recordsource on the fly:

  Me!mysubformcontrolname.Form.Recordsource =

or set it's filter property:


You also need to turn the filter on:

Me!mysubformcontrolname.Form.FilterOn = True

John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
Simple Open the form in interest
DoCmd.OpenForm "NameOfForm"

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and then in the Load event  of NameOfForm just
Form_Name_Of_SubForm.Filter = YourFilter
Form_Name_Of_SubForm.FilterOn = True

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