Copy / Paste function pasting double-values over Remote Desktop connection

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We provide a hosted application to our customers and have recently moved away from Citrix to RDS. Since then we have had multiple customers (and I have personally experienced this myself) reporting that when copy-pasting from their local desktop into our application over RDS, the values are intermittently being pasted in twice (using the 'CTRL' + 'V' on the keyboard).

In terms of frequency, I was performing some configuration in a customer's system last week and I'd say every 10th value I pasted, would go in twice (roughly speaking). But then on other days, it doesn't seem to happen at all. My keyboard is in perfect working order and this only happens when accessing our application in the RDS environment, this issue was not present via Citrix.

My local environment is Windows 10 and we run Windows Server 2016 Datacenter in our RDS environment.

I've done some general Googling, but nothing seems to fit. I'm doing some further testing today to see if the issue presents itself when RDP'ing directly onto one of the servers (rather than logging into our application), but was just wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar?

Thank you

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AlexA lack of information provides a lack of a decent solution.

Sounds like a lag issue, citrix uses a different compression algorithm. I'd also consider disabling Aero and the Aero mouse to try to reduce the bandwidth usage.

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Hi, Alex.

Thanks for your response. I've been performing some additional testing today and I can't reproduce this issue when RDP'ing directly onto our application servers (outside of our application), so I'm inclined to think this is a combination of the RDP connection and our application layer.

One for our Dev team I think.

Thanks anyway.


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