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Sonicwall Bandwidth Configuration

John Tolmachoff
John Tolmachoff used Ask the Experts™
I am a long time Sonicwall user/admin.

Does anyone else utilize bandwidth control on a Sonicwall with firmware 6.5 or greater?

I have been using it for years quite extensively but about 6 months ago I had to disable it completely due to a very odd issue. Sonicwall documentation on it only talks about how to create and such, not best practices or gotchas. I am not looking for howtos, I am looking for best practices and such for overall usage and performance.

Specifically, we are using a HA pair of NSA2600 with multiple WAN interfaces (for redundancy)
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services Manager

" I had to disable it completely due to a very odd issue ".... what was the issue?  I currently use bandwidth control on my Sonicwall for guaranteeing 20mb of bandwidth for VOIP traffic, and I use bandwidth limiting for Windows Updates and general web browsing.
John TolmachoffNetwork Administrator


Ron, you say you use it but question is are you using it to control where needed, or are you using it to control ALL traffic?

The problem I had I was using it to control all traffic, and what I have learned on another forum is that controlling all traffic with BWM is no longer recommended as it does indeed cause odd problems.
Distinguished Expert 2018

I would recommend your speaking with Sonicwall support. Some cases, you'll find that they write custom firmware to correct specific problems, but never make it publicly available (which I've found sort of odd). I've had to get custom firmware that they wrong on a few occasions, one dealing with port remapping for VoIP, and another for PCI compliance scans.
John TolmachoffNetwork Administrator


masnrock, Sonicwall will never write custom firmware. They may provide hf or fr labeled firmware from time to time under a ticket but never custom firmware. Firmware labeled hf in the name is Hot Fix for a specific problem as a BETA before the fix is included in GR or MR firmware. Firmware labeled fr Feature Request would be the same, a BETA before it is included in a GR General Release or MR Maintenance Release firmware.
Network Administrator
As near as I can tell, as suspected, the current version of Bandwidth Management is not intended to control all bandwidth but rather only specific traffic as needed.