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Where to place a range of cells in excel so they wont affect table.

Patricia Timm
Patricia Timm used Ask the Experts™
I have a table in excel spreadsheet1 that is not static. Rows are added on occasion to the table
The rows include numerical data that is then pulled into another excel spreadsheet
called Spreadsheet2.
The table in spreadsheet1 is a source for a drop down list in another spreadsheet. IF John is added
to the table in a row then John is automatically included in the drop down choice
in the cell on another spreadsheet. Here is my question
the table also includes a row that states removed rows. The removed rows are
placed below the row that states REMOVED ROWS. They keep the rows to store
a history of rows they removed. However, they are part of the table and source for spreadsheet2.
Because they are part of the table they show up as a choice in dropdown box for spreedsheet2
I dont want them in the dropdown box in spreadsheet2. would you recommend making them not
part of the table? OR a flag - conditional format to denote if you encounter this
string (REMOVED ROWS) then dont include rows after REMOVED ROWS???
I know the table will grow as records are added.
If removed rows are not part of the table then where could I put them so they will not affect the table
as it grows. I dont think they want the REMOVED ROWS above the table.
New to excel so I thought I would bounce this at you and collect thoughts on what
might be best. thanks
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I'm not sure I followed this correctly, but would it work to just move the Removed Rows to a different sheet?  That should do the trick.


I would agree but for whatever reason they don't want them in another sheet.
Michael HurleyWeb Geek

Hi Patricia,
Are you able to attach a sample spreadsheet?


thanks -