How can I get window.location to work...?

Bruce Gust
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Here's my code:

	$('#wellness_button').click(function(event) {
		var portal = $('#the_link').val();
		var bdg = $('#initials').val();
		var dbox = $('#decline');
		if(bdg=="") {
			alert("Don't forget to initialize the form.");
		else {
			if(':checked')) {
			else {

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Everything is working great except for when my user gets to the last "else" clause and I want to redirect them to the url that's housed in the "portal" variable.

Instead of getting "," it appends that link to the existing url so it comes out ""

What am I missing?
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replace :
by :
window.location.href = portal;
or by :
location.href = portal;
Bruce GustPHP Developer


Hey, Leak!

I figured it out!

The URL that I was passing in as the "portal" value had a curly brace at the front and back end. I took a closer look at the bogus URL and noticed "%7B." I looked that up, recognized the character, adjusted the code and BOOM!

The sun is shining once again!

Thanks as always for weighing in!

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