Dell Server R 510: To make it "Cleaner" so it would be "faster"

tjie used Ask the Experts™
I have Window Server Dell R 510.
The OS is Windows 2019 server.

Goal:  I need the server would be “cleaner” to make it a little bit faster (If possible, by using the built-in tools from the Windows OS)(Note: The RAM in the server is already 32 GB). Any suggestion?.

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Network Administrator
The fastest option in any newer server is to just install core and admin services with remote tools... The gui adds the most overhead not including the roles and features you need to run...
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

It's 2019, so it must be a relatively recent install and not too bloated.

How is it slow?

I would guess storage. Upgrade the storage to something faster, like SSD. Works even on PERC6/i.

If CPU bound, upgrade processor.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

This his highly dependent on what applications you're running also.

If you're only running a browser, email client, maybe LibreOffice, then using Ubuntu will be far faster than Windows, as there's much less bloat.

Start by describing the apps you're running + what exactly you mean by slow, as all slowness occurs due to I/O, either network or disk. Rarely does CPU or memory come into play for slowing down GUI type software.
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@scott silva:

" ... install core and admin services with remote tools... "

Question: How to do it? It is at the Active Directory?


" .... Works even on PERC6/i...."

Question: What do you mean with it? Would you elaborate a little bit please.

kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

You can use SSD with PERC6/i RAID controller. I have used it successfully. What is your RAID controller now?
Scott SilvaNetwork Administrator

When you do a new install you can install just core without GUI...
Then you can administer from a different box very easily.
You can use server manager from another server, or you can use Windows Admin Center to do all tasks on the servers.

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