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Dear Experts,

I am trying to perform Select If in MSSQL  in Access, not having any success.   All I want to do is have 2 columns with addresses, pick the one that is not blank to use.

Name: Short text
Address: Short text
BillingAddress: Short text

The data will have either Address or BillingAddress filled, and I want to create mailing labels.

I tried to write SELECT IF ( Address != "", Address, BillingAddress) As LabelAddress From MyTable   and getting syntax error,  I am not sure if MSSQL support SELECT IF.
How could I accomplish this in Access?  Do I need to create VBA module?

Please advise.
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Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead
try use IIF function instead.

MS Access: IIF Function


Dear Ryan, thank you for a quick response.
I am not able to get the syntax right.  I want to use either Address or Billing_Addr which ever is not blank.  What am I doing wrong?

SELECT  IIF (Clients.[Address] != "", Clients.[Address], Clients.[Billing_Addr])
FROM Clients;

Please advise.
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What about:
IIF(IsNull(Clients.[Address]), Clients.[Billing_Addr], Clients.[Address])

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IIF(Clients.[Address]="", Clients.[Billing_Addr], Clients.[Address])

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In Access you would use <>, rather than !=
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Thank you Experts for getting this right!!
NorieAnalyst Assistant

You might want to look at Nz for this rather than an Iif expression.

Nz(Clients.[Address], Clients.[Billing_Addr])
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Another way to address this, if either of those could be zero length string "", would be:

IIF(Trim(Clients.Address & "") <> "", Clients.Address, Clients.Billing_Addr)

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