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where specifically does java sit within the support lifecycle, when was it released, is it supported/end of life, and how far behind in terms of patches is this version?
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Eduard GherguArchitect - Coder - Mentor

That’s a question that you’ll need to address to Oracle’s Java Support.
Senior Director of Technologyy
Wikipedia actually has some good information on the support of java versions.

Java switched to be doing updates more often (Every 6 months).  To get the current updates you have to be on one of those versions.  They do have the concept of a long term version though, that plans to get all the security updates.  Currently Java 11 is the supported long term version.  Java 6 actually got end of long term support at the end of 2018.  

So to sum it up, you are on a version of Java that is end of life.  Might be some work to upgrade since a lot of how things are packaged have updated since then.  We recently went up to 11.  

Hope this helps you out.

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