qmasterd file on mac won't delete

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There's one file in my trash that won't delete and I can't find a solution. Whenever I empty trash, it just says “qmasterd” can’t be modified or deleted because it’s required by macOS.

I found a solution, but I must be typing in the directory wrong, because terminal says it can't find the file/directory. The solution I found said to restart in Recovery mode, launch Terminal from the Tools menu, move to the directory with the offending file, then type in "rm filename"

I'm no terminal genius, so I'm sure I'm doing this wrong. What would the full command and path be if the folder/file in my trash was "Incompatible Software/qmasterd?"
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Open the Trash folder so you can see the file concerned
Open a terminal window

In the terminal window type "rm " then drag and drop the file into the terminal window and it will paste the correct path into the terminal window.

you'll see a path like this where USERNAME is your login user account
rm /Users/USERNAME/.Trash/Incompatible\ Software/qmasterd


Thanks! That worked great. Though, I needed to add this to the volume info to the beginning. So it looked like this:

rm /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/Users/USERNAME/.Trash/Incompatible\ Software/qmasterd

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