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Hashim Hadi
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we have windows server domain .our server doesnt have large amount of disk space to make it as file sharing . so I want to make users to share files on their machines but also I want to protect these files to be accessible only by specific group like (accounting group) is that possible from domain controller.

the other problem is when i share a folder from my pc then add the link of this folder in the other PCs when my IP changed they lose the connection to this folder and I have to add it again is there a way to resolve that without make static IP.
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James BunchSystems Engineer

     When you share the folder you get a chance to name the share, example "Pictures". So when you go to map this shared location to another PC you can either use an IP address in file explorer and then map the shared drive, or you can use the host name of that machine. Using the hostname is often easier as its not specific to the IP address as long as you have the same DNS server for those devices. So, your network share may be something like the following, "\\PCNAME\Pictures". This is a very basic scenario but you should get the gist of it from there.

      Also keep in mind with Sharing you need to go to the network and sharing center of the computers to make sure you are making them discovered on the network in a private LAN only, not public for safety. You can do this by going to the control panel, or typing in Advanced Sharing Settings in the Windows search bar of current OS's.

      Finally, if the device you are sharing items from is connected to the Domain and not a WorkGroup, you can target that Domain and assign user groups to it much like a file share server.

This isn't the best practice, you run the risk of duplication, data loss, auditing issues, etc. but it should be able to be accomplished.
Network Engineer
Yes. It can be done and is foolish. Are you doing backups of all systems? Are any of them RAID protected? Far better to add a drive (or better two in RAID 1) to the server. Or get a NAS.

PCs that are domain joined can have shared files using same permission model as a server.


thanks a lot for your responses and suggestions

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