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Issue with users O365 Default email account

I have a user in O365 that worked for a company that we acquired.
Now his primary email address should be abcd.com from our company.
Now he does have 2 other email addresses associated with him, 1234.com which is his old company we acquired and bbbb.com
For some reason somebody setup O365 for him with all 3 of these emails listed as separate accounts and they each have their  email address set as smtp, which would make each one of them be a default correct?
So , I need to have our email domain abcd.com as his primary and then just add the other two emails for him so that if anyone still sends emails to those other domains, he will still get them.

Each of the other 2 email accounts  do have emails in them. So how do I set this up so he has our domain as his default and the other 2 there but not as smtp or default email addresses without him losing any of the emails in the other two accounts?
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