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I am using this code which creates the pdf but its in portrait mode and cuts off some of the fields. How do I make it create a landscape pdf?

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "QryDateStrings", _
 acFormatPDF, , "C:\Users\peter\desktop\Employee.PDF", True

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I am using this code.. What code?


I can see it on the screen, the new interface is weird.

[code]DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "QryDateStrings", _
 acFormatPDF, , "C:\Users\peter\desktop\Employee.PDF", True

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which version of MS Access?
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Office 365


I just created a report using the query and exported that manually to pdf and everything is fine that way.

Maybe there is a way to do that in vba
Function FileExist(FileFullPath As String) As Boolean
  Dim value As Boolean
  value = False
  If Dir(FileFullPath) <> "" Then
    value = True
  End If
  FileExist = value
End Function

Public Sub cmd_exportPDF_Click()
  Dim fileName As String, fldrPath As String, filePath As String
  Dim answer As Integer

  fileName = "Statement" 'filename for PDF file*
  fldrPath = "C:\Users\peter\OneDrive\Desktop\PDF" 'folder path where pdf file will be saved *

  filePath = fldrPath & "\" & fileName & ".pdf"
  'check if file already exists
  If FileExist(filePath) Then
    answer = MsgBox(prompt:="PDF file already exists: " & vbNewLine & filePath & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
      "Would you like to replace existing file?", buttons:=vbYesNo, Title:="Existing PDF File")
    If answer = vbNo Then Exit Sub
  End If
  On Error GoTo invalidFolderPath
  DoCmd.OutputTo objecttype:=acOutputReport, objectName:="RptDatesStatement", outputformat:=acFormatPDF, outputFile:=filePath
  MsgBox prompt:="PDF File exported to: " & vbNewLine & filePath, buttons:=vbInformation, Title:="Report Exported as PDF"
  Exit Sub
  MsgBox prompt:="Error: Invalid folder path. Please update code.", buttons:=vbCritical
End Sub

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