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 I have one Windows Pro 7 laptop with QuickBooks and other software and purchased two new  Windows 10  Pro laptop computers.
 I am looking for a software (free or commercial) that would transfer application software such as QuickBooks and others from Windows 7 laptop to two Windows 10 laptops.
 Since I don't have original software, it would be nice if I can have these application programs moved over.
 Can you recommend one that you had most success with?

  Thank you in advance.
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As David pointed out, to retain the apps, you need to perform an inline upgrade from 7 to 10.

The other the applications have to be reinstalled while the data can be copied.
depending on the license, you may find that some software will only work on the computer on which is was first installed

otherwise, if you still have your license key, simply download the software to the new computers and reactivate using the original key

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