Displaying content from one sheet in another when there is match??

Tom Moholland
Tom Moholland used Ask the Experts™
Can anyone come up with a formula solution to populate the green colored tabs with the information from the GL Income tab in the attached document.  The commonality is the numbers in row 4 of the gl income tab, you will see when they any of the numbers in row 1's of the green tab documents the numbers from Gl income document then display. Right now I am cutting and pasting these and it take a long time and I always manage to make a mistake or two when pasting.
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This VLOOKUP formula will get you the results you're looking for:

=VLOOKUP($A4,'GL INCOME'!$A$7:$BZ$166,MATCH(B$1,'GL INCOME'!$4:$4,0))

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Paste it into cell B4 of each green tab and then copy down/across.

Tom FarrarConsultant

If this is something you are doing on an ongoing basis, and the data is coming in the same way (where and how did you get the data on the primary tab?), then I am guessing the "gather and transform" the data is a good solution.  Once you have set the process up once, assuming the data comes in the same way, the process is automated.


Thanks for the help
Anytime! Glad I could be of assistance!

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