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Issue routing to single IP Address

Network DiagramPossible Routing issue.

I am trying to connect to a specific server over a vpn connection.    

I have configured the Firewall to provide an IP address in the range.   When I connect to it I can see the local network.  I can ping and connect to the local servers.  The single server I can not connect to is  I can ping and connect to other servers on the subnet without issue.

I ran a tracert from my local computer and I get to then   If I run it from the remote computer over the vpn I get to then nothing.  

I have checked the firewall and there are no rules specific to  on it or on which is the default Gateway.  There is a route for the on the Gateway

I have talked to the vendor who provided the server and they say there is nothing on the server which would block any traffic.  

Any suggestions on what to check next?

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