Image distortion in ajax

Ahmad Jaber
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Hello everyone,
I have been trying for some time to change an image loaded on my site and to distort it as follows the photo.
ajax or other but please, can you help me please?

Thank you for your help !
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Scott FellDeveloper & EE Moderator
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On the server side, you can use  It will be a matter of looking through the examples and experimenting to get the effect you want. A little creative searching and you can find scripts like

All of this is done at the command line so you can use any language. I use imagemagick on my own server but have not played with this effect.


I thank you very much!
Waw it's huge as an effects library!
I look and would come back for questions if I have any, thanks again!

I'm using these libraries

Let me know if you need help to use these.

Recent (several effect pixelate, blurr ect) JavaScript TypeScript using WebGL

Frosted effect vanilla JS and CSS

Old but still good  (several effect pixelate, blurr ect) JavaScript using WebGL


Thank you very much for your precious help, each of your options has been very favorable to me!

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