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[Server 2012R2/2016] Do i need to use adprep or not?

Hi, this is my first post.

I plan to upgrade a network with multiple windows server 2012R2 to windows server 2016 like this:

- First I add 2016 servers (which will then be at the 2012R2 AD level) and move functions to them.
- I make some of the 2016 servers to DC (still 2012R2 level).
- I'm demoting and phasing out 2012R2 servers that no longer have any functionality.
- When all 2012R2 servers are disconnected, I raise the AD level to 2016.
- My question is: Now that I'm going to install my first 2016 server and make it to DC, do I need to run "adprep" on it? If so, how?

Exactly what function does "adprep" have? What does it do?

Grateful for any the answers.
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