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I need to create a Virtual calendar that defines starting and ending hours different to a standard day. A standard day, today, for example, December 20, 2019, started from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59. The new virtual 12-20-2019 should start from 12-19-2019 03:00:00 to 12-20-2019 02:59:59.

The month of November should include 11-01-2019 03:00:00 to 12-01-01 02:59:59 and each day should be defined as above with the exception of the 1st which always starts from 03:00:00 and the 30th includes the 3 hours of December 1st.

The year (2019) should include 01-01-2019 03:00:00 to 01-01-2019 02:59:59 with the months and days defined as mentioned above.

Even though I'm using Crystal reports it probably would be easier creating the mentioned in SQL.
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Just add 3 hours to the actual datetime to determine the virtual "date", then use the actual time, unadjusted, as the time.
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LOL, I was totally over thinking this. Thank you Scott, certainly going to remember this.

Your approach proved solid in Crystal reports by creating a new time formula. This brought the 2 dates (12/20 and 12/21) when grouping by day.

if {REVNONREVTRANSACTION.Time} <= DateAdd("h",3,CurrentDate) then DateAdd("h", -3, {REVNONREVTRANSACTION.Time}) else {REVNONREVTRANSACTION.Time}

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