How do I bind an FTP site to a hostname in IIS 8.5?

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I can't seem to get FTP working when I bind it to a host name on IIS (version 8.5).  When I enter a hostname under the IIS FTP binding, I cannot connect.  When I enter nothing under the hostname, however, I can connect just fine.  How can I bind FTP to a specific hostname?  I want this so I can have 2 different websites using FTP on the same server.  Here is a screenshot:    

In the screenshot, I put the hostname in and then I go into windows explorer and type and I cannot access anything.  WIndows gives me the message seen in screenshot 2.   If I leave the hostname blank in the FTP bindings, everything works fine.  What am I doing wrong?  My goal is to have 2 different websites with FTP.  By leaving the hostname blank, my second website keeps FTP'ing into the first website.  Would love some help, thank you!
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

I don't believe FTP uses hostheaders, so the type of binding you're talking about doesn't exist.  My testing returns errors with the hostname.

In your case, IIS is complaining about the file system path ("Windows cannot access this folder")  you have defined for the site.  Perhaps if you fix that, that error will go away.
Ooh i figured it out.  I can bind to virtual hostnames, I just need to use a special username/login sequence.  For example:
Site 1 bound to:
Site 2 bound to:

I have to login to site1 with:  

(i actually have to specify| in the username itself, with a pipe).  It works!

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