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AWS examples for Java/Javascript

This is going to sound really stupid - so be it - but with the AWS examples - I see a lot of this coding - Can someone explain to me - basically - what the code is describing ??
I think I know, its giving substance/value to "Version", "Statement" etc but when I try this in Java, especially when compiling it in a package it does not fly. And I found this example in AWS SDK examples for Javascript/Java.
Could someone clear the air for me ?? And yes, I feel pretty stupid.
thank you.

      "Principal": "*",

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That's an IAM policy (see:  You normally attach to those an IAM role/group (can be done in the AWS console). Basically, it's a way of defining access to AWS resources. Another resource to check out is the AWS IAM policy generator:
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well smack myself on the forehead.....then smack myself on the back of the head too ! Thank you both !!
Really clears the air...
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Thank you both so very much...