HP OfficeJet Pro 8615 not recognising any ink cartridges

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HP OfficeJet Pro 8615 printer not recognising any ink cartridges.
I have used my printer for more than 4 years without a problem, always with HP-branded ink cartridges.
This week I used a replacement "compatible" cartridge for the first time. Two days later my printer doesn't think any cartridges are installed (including the three remaining HP-branded ones).
I have tried a "semi-reset" which takes me through the initialisation procedure every time the printer is powered up (after various lengths of power-down time), but it always stalls when I have to "insert the cartridges that came with the printer", obviously not happy with the cartridges I am putting in (even my old empty HP-branded colour cartridge that I retrieved from the bin).
I am now aware that these printers (and cartridges?) keep track of how often they are used in combination and HP doesn't like the same cartridges being used.
Basically I want to know whether a completely new set of HP-branded cartridges will solve my problem, or whether there is something even extra-special about the catridges that actually come with a printer? I don't want to invest in a new set of HP-branded cartridges if even that is not going to work, but I can't believe a perfectly good printer should become completely unusable because of a single cartridge mistake.
Any advice / confirmation welcome. Thanks.
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Kesavan JeganarayananIT Consultant

Please follow this steps, i found from some HP link.

On the bottom left side of the printer control panel where the Return icon displays, touch the area four (4) times (the Return icon will not display).
Touch Support Menu.
Touch the right arrow three (3) times until the System Configuration menu displays, and then press OK.
Press OK in the TradeatOOBE mode screen.
Press OK until the screen reads Trade.
Press the red X four (4) times until the Home screen displays.
NOTE: The ink gauge will not show 100% full after initialization for the non-SETUP cartridge.
Replace the customer's defective cartridge with a trade (not SETUP) cartridge.




Kesavan : Many thanks for your prompt reply.
My printer seems to be locked into the setup procedure whenever it is powered up and the repeated presses on the "back/return  button" area of the screen is no longer effective.
I was able to do that at an earlier stage (when the printer was just telling me that no cartridges were detected) and that was how I was able to do a "semi-full reset" from the Setup menu. That "semi-full reset" option is what got be into the printer's "Initialisation" process which repeatedly goes no further than the "Insert the cartridges that came with your printer" step.

What exactly does "trade (not SETUP) " mean?
Does this mean newly purchased cartridges rather than the cartridges that actually came with the printer (which I don't have any longer because the printer was bought more tha 4 years ago)?
Does the "Trade" option at the "TradeatOOBE" screen (if I ever manage to get back to that display)  take care of that question?
Should "trade" cartridges be bona-fide HP-branded cartridges, or does it allow for so-called "compatible" cartridges?
Must I set this "Trade" option before I even attempt another go with a completely new set of HP-branded cartridges?
With branded inks possibly the most expensive fluids on the planet, I don't particularly want to pay for a new pack of HP-branded cartridges that immediately become invalidated as soon as I try to use them.
Any further advice appreciated.
Principal Software Engineer
Yes, there is something unique about HP setup cartridges.  They look like normal cartridges but they contain only about 10% of the normal amount of ink.  That forces you to buy new HP cartridges shortly after buying the printer.  To enforce this, the setup cartridges have a marker in the cartridge's EPROM.  The printer can detect a setup cartridge vs a normal cartridge, and the setup cartridges must be used before normal cartridges.

My experience is that when an HP printer starts going loopy then it is time to go out and look at a new, non-HP printer.  Over the long term it will save money and aggravation.  Epson and Canon both make very good printers, they have online discount stores, and if you buy an Epson "supertank" unit you might never need to buy ink again.  At this time an Epson "supertank" ET-3700 can be had for less than the price of 4 HP cartridges.




Disclosures: (a) I'm an HP stockholder.  (b) I hate HP printers and use Epson.  (c) As always, ymmv.
Robert RComputer Service Technician

If the printer is still underwarranty I would contact HP as they should know the proceedures for this model of printer.  One way to make sure that the system is fully reset is to shut down the printer unplug the power cable from the printer then press the power button for 5 seconds this will delete anything on the ram memory of the printer. Then plug in the power cable and turn on the printer then follow Kesvan's steps.


Thanks for the further comments, Dr. Klahn and Robert R.
It seems that no matter what method I use to re-start my printer, it immediately starts it "Initialisation" process from the "Date" and "Time" steps (no longer offering the initial Region and Language steps), then the duplex print assembly instruction, then the "Install ink cartridges" step, where I get stuck, regardless of the cartridges I have tried.
For my own mental health I do think I need to cut my losses with this printer and buy a replacement. I do a bit of on-line selling and need a printer for postage labels and packing documents. To lose the printer at this time of year is infuriating. This is an appallingly wasteful state of affairs, where a perfectly good printer needs to be scrapped because the manufacturer locks you out of it, after using a single "compatible" cartridge.
I have also lodged a message with the HP support community and will close this EE question when/if I receive any other suggestions from there; but I'm not holding my breath.
Many thanks.


Apologies for neglecting this message for so long; the Christmas and New Year holidays intervened.
After a frustrating couple of days failing to get a perfectly good HP printer/scanner working again having used a "compatible" ink cartridge, I cut my losses and bought a new Epson EcoTank printer.
Will never spend money with HP on any product again. Their protective policy with ink cartridges means that a perfectly good printer/scanner (and all the plastic, metal and chemicals involved), will be going into landfill. Shocking in this day and age.
Top Expert 2013

i hope you have better luck with other brands - but i'm not so sure...

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