best way or best steps to patch server

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which is the best way or process to patching servers??
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One, would be to gave a test environment, virtual where you can test impact of updates.

You should not allow/set auto updates .

It is safer if all your applications are non custom, third party vendor where a change could break ....
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That depends on the type/role of servers and the applications running on it.

The patching strategy for servers running in a cluster may be different when compared to patching a standalone node.

For Application servers - Yes, As Arnold mentioned - Go for patching on non-prod environment first to ensure that application is not breaking due to that patch.

For Application Servers which is load balanced - Take one node out of the loadbalancer - patch it - test it and if everything is normal - put it back into the loadbalancing

For Clustered Applications - Take one passive node, Pause -> Patch -> Reboot -> Resume -> Failover the cluster recourse and test if everything is working fine before moving to the next node on that cluster

There could be some applications which needs all nodes on the same patch level (due to specific reasons). In that case, shutdown the application alone first. Patch all the nodes. Restart in the oder provided by the application vendor. Mostly DB first, App and Finally web.

Hope that helps !

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