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Why am I getting a 403 error?

I moved the Laravel site I was working on from one box to another. I can access the site just fine if I do http://localhost/new_nomas/public/index.php. However, if I try to configure my httpd-vhosts.config file to accommodate a "" url, as I did on the other computer, I'm getting a "403 Forbidden" error.

I'm running Apache 2.4.41. Here's my httpd-vhosts.config file:

<VirtualHost *:80>
	DocumentRoot c:/wamp/www/new_nomas/public
	<Directory "c:/wamp/www/new_nomas/public">
	AllowOverride All
    Require all granted

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...and here's my "hosts" file from the Windows/System32/drivers/etc directory:

Everything is pretty much identical to what I had before, but when I attempt "" in my URL, I get a "403 Forbidden" message.

I've adjusted the security permissions in all of the files...

What am I missing?
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Chris Stanyon
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It could be down to your .htaccess file  - specifically the rewrite section. Have your tried to call your index.php page file directly:
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Hey, Chris!

When I try, I get the same error.
Double check your httpd.conf file's include directive whether the vhost file has to gave vhost-file.conf versus vhost-file.config

I think the vhost that includes your definition is not being included.
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Alright, guys...

First of all, Laravel seemingly keeps it error logs in storage/logs and the last error was 12/15/2019, so there's either no error being generated or something's wrong with the permissions. If there's a problem with the permissions, I can't tell.

I've changed the .htaccess file to no avail.

Whatever it is, it's one obstinate anomaly. I can't make this thing budge.

Any other suggestions?

BTW: I tried initiating a brand new laravel project just to rule out any kind of weirdness with the copying and pasting of an already existing project. Same problem. I can't initiate a virtual server for anything.
I'm an idiot!

I found the apache_error.log file and it said that the directory that I was referencing didn't exist.


On my new box the root directory is wamp64 and not wamp.

Mystery solved!


Sorry it wasn't a more "technical" problem!
You're welcome!

Glad you got this solved!

Logs are your friends...