How can I tell if my MacBook has been infected during Hotel stay?

James Hancock
James Hancock used Ask the Experts™
I’m staying in a hotel and I opened my MacBook, without thinking. I entered my room number and such to acquire WiFi

How can I tell if it has been infected w backdoor software?
I think I looked at my email
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Michael PainterIT administrator Small Business Owner

Well, most malware produces suspicious and unusual activity.   Like a changed start page in Safari.  Also redirects, popups and other behaviour that is not normal.
if you want to check the machine for malware, then I highly recommend downloading Malwarebytes for Mac.
Download/install/run full scan.  Remove/quarantine what it recommends.
This is a 14 day trial, and if you want you can buy the full package for the price of 3 lattes/year.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Unlikely there's any problem.

You'd likely have to execute some code to install Malware.

So if you read an email, then double clicked on an attachment, then gave permission to install the payload, then run the payload...

You'd have a problem.

If you did all this, likely you'd remember.

And if you're concerned, run MalwareBytes as Michael suggested above.
James HancockSelf Employed


I ran MalwareBytes and it found a questionable file that I removed.
Is there a logging system to see what has been installed in the last 10 days?
I can then discern if I clicked on one of those?
Some installs aren't tracked because they're drag and dropped copies from a DMG file.  Anything that is copied into place isn't logged into a separate log file.  You might be able to get the date of install from the /Applications/{Installed}.app folder date, but that's about it.  

To see software that's installed through an installer or through the App Store:
Open System
Expand Software
Select Installations.

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