How to tie MS Access Database with SQL Server Express in Backend in C#

Hakan used Ask the Experts™

I have a MS Access database and i'd like to use it in my application via SQL Server Express.

Does anyone know how to do that?

Also when i update MS Access manually will my SQL Server is also updated?

Any help would be grateful.

Thank you.
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Install SQL Server Express (+ Management Studio) and create some tables. Then create Linked Table in MS Access which is connected to the installed SQL Server. Once the linked table is created you may work with it the same way as if it was MS Access table. C# does not need to be involved.

If you meant to create C# application then such application can access both MC Access and SQL Server via ODBC or OLE DB connection.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

Do you mean that you will work on the SQL and you want Access to get manipulated as well?
If this is  the case then you Linked Server..take a look here :
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I'm certain that C# can access Jet/ACE databases via ADO.  I don't understand why you need SQL Server between C# and Jet/ACE.  You have decided on a way to get From NYC to Boston via Timbuktu.   Perhaps if you can tell us your objective and more about the data sources, we can solve the problem.

PS, you are not using Access at all and MS Access doesn't have to be installed.  All you need to have installed is the ACE database engine which can be downloaded for free.

That said, if you are asking to do this over the internet, you will be very disappointed in the speed.  You might want to look into converting the Jet/ACE database to SQL Server or Azure (you would also have to modify the Access application that uses it so that's probably a non-starter).  There are ways to sync multiple copies of SQL Server (but not using Express).  I don't think you can sync Jet/ACE to SQL Server but I could be wrong.

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