Script to add work group computers to  DNS (A and PTR Records)

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add work group computers to  DNS (A and PTR Records)

I have computers in work group. I want their hostnames to be add to DNS Forward and Reverse lookup zones( A & PTR Records)

Thank you
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This will be difficult...

1) A records will be easy if you serve the zone records for your domain yourself.

2) PTR records are owned by the hosting/provisioning company you use, which will require either some interaction via an API call or manual human steps or potential (for many companies) you must open a support ticket to complete a PTR change.


OK Thank you
assuming you use lan ips for your lan computers, the above should not be an issue.

most likely, your dhcp server is hooked to a dns server or capable of updating one.

if not, you probably have a static list of hosts to add to your existing dns server. if you do not have one, you can setup one or use one provided by an existing equipment

tell us about your environment if you are unsure what would be best in your case : number of computers, how they get their ips, existing network equipment ...
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You're welcome!

Good luck!
Shaun VermaakSenior Consultant
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If you use Microsoft DHCP the DNS will populate automatically

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