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Frank Freese
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I would like to add the date to a range:
Sub Copy_Paste()
Dim Tdate As Date

Worksheets("Forecast").Range("A4:E7").Copy Worksheets("Historical").Range("A2:E5")
Worksheets("Historical").Range("B2:E5").Interior.Color = vbBlue
Worksheets("Historical").Range("B2:E5").Font.Color = vbRed

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I need to correct my code in the last line. How will that look?
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Worksheets("Historical").Range("F2:F5") = Now
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Hi there! :)

If you need to only show and contain the date, change the last line to something like this.

Worksheets("Historical").Range("F2:F5") = Format(Now(), "dd-mmm-yyyy")

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Thanks folks. Noah's solution met my objective.

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