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Selling Nortel BCM50e Equipment, Is It Worth It?

Richard Schierer
Richard Schierer used Ask the Experts™
I am cleaning out a client's computer room and came across some older equipment such as a Nortel BCM50e that is part of 4 devices. Picture included.
My instructions are, to sell it, or if I can't get at least $100 then send it to a local recycling firm.
Is this worth my time?
Does anyone know of another website to sell equipment on?

Sadly, there are no power supplies for these devices.

Thanks in advance!
 NORTEL BCM50e Package
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Principal Software Engineer
Given what this equipment is selling for new-in-box on fleabay, it seems unlikely that you could get $100 for this lot of used equipment without power supplies.  Fleabay and Paypal will take 8% each.

Kesavan JeganarayananIT Consultant
Better dispose locally. I agree with Klahn, unlikely to get 100$.
Here our country, we need to pay to dispose these IT equipment. Very hard to sell them.
Richard SchiererOwner & Chief Technologist


Thank you both for taking the time to reply.
Sad that there isn't a better solution.