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I have created a bar chart to depict the percentages in column C. Yet when I use my mouse the projects listed are not reflected. Instead when hovering over any data point it states Speed 1. I want to show each project as shown in column a. So if the value is 3.53 should say timing or if value .15 should say technical etc... Not sure how to format to get that result or maybe I cant
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I selected your chart, and then used the Chart Design...Select Data menu item to see how many series you were plotting and what they were called. To my surprise, the series name for each series was the same: ='Bar-Chart-Projects-Resources'!$A$31:$A$263.

I changed the series names to Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 since you had not header labels for column C, E and G.

Next, I changed the category labels to A31:A263 instead of the numbers 1 through n.

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