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I have only built we solutions with cloud based sql databases. I have been asked to build a solution on a company server with  local SQL database.  Where would I publish my web app to?
I am only used to publishing web apps to Azure or a web hosting provider's folders
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C:\inetpub\wwwroot, or if you need to configure another website in IIS you would use whatever directory you setup for the website etc.. Sounds like you need to read up on IIS etc..
Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead
Where would I publish my web app to?
just treat your cloud web server as similar as your local web server. same rules applied for the IIS settings

How to Create Websites in IIS
Eduard GherguArchitect - Coder - Mentor

You can publish the website wherever you want and configure the Web App in IIS.
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Whether the server is Floyd are physical or virtualmachine the end result is the same.

The local may require the admin of the system to configure it iis, WebDAV, extensions and configure,manage the SQL server firewall to allow connection through windows firewall, configure credentials that your app will use to interact with the db.......
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