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Conditional Formatting of MS Access Cont Form

Dear Experts,

There is MS Access Continuous Form. Each record contains several small images (pictograms).
I want to make visible pictograms based on the value of hidden numeric field. Something like:
If Me.[Field1]=1 then Me.Image1.Visible= True
Can you please help with syntax?
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Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )
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Good day,

Thanks for above. The form is continuous. Above works only if the record is selected. I've tried to play with If>Then OnCurrent even already, i.e. looks perfect to to find right syntax in Conditional formatting expression for [field1].

Thanks in advance
merry X-Mas and Happy New Year
You want them to show individual images for each record? Like Record 1 will show images 2 and 3, and Record 2 will show images 1 and 4? If so, then you've run into a limitation of a continuous or datasheet form.

You could try adding fields to your tables and storing the path to your images in those fields. To "show" an image, you'd include the path, and to hide the image you'd just delete the path. Add image controls to your form, and "bind" those controls to the underlying fields.

I've not done this, so don't know if it would work but in theory it should.
Not enough technical info on what you are doing on each record.  Solution depends on exactly what you've got and want to do.  Can't tell so far.
Scott's suggestion above should worked.

do make sure you got these configuration:

For your image control's property:

1. at Format tab, set Picture Type = Linked
2. at Format tab, set Picture = (None)
3. at Data tab, Control Source = Path (your Field that storing the image path)
Example as attached.