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I was hoping to have some strategy for my GitHub profile. I am a 32 year old Computer Science student and I am interested in web development. My goal is to get hired.

Right now my GitHub profile has every Udemy course I have completed as a public repository. Should I make those repositories private and only have a few repositories of projects I have created?
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Post some links for folks to peruse.

Your GitHub profile. Your resume. Whatever resources describe your experience.

Likely many people can take a look at your skillset, providing some direction.

Hint: Skill is important. And I know many smart people barely able to make ends meet.

Invest equal time learning about marketing + self development, as these will determine how you design your business + life.

Start with some book like Dan Kennedy's "No B.S. Price Strategy" book for an advanced conversation about price points.

Dan's books are great because they commingle marketing, self development... end to end life design...

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