Exchange 2016 CU15  ServerComponentState stuck on inactive

Thomas Grassi
Thomas Grassi used Ask the Experts™
Exchange 2016 CU15  Cluster 2 Nodes
Windows 2016
I just upgraded both nodes to CU 15

Name                : TGCS021-N1
Edition             : Enterprise
AdminDisplayVersion : Version 15.1 (Build 1913.5)             CU15

Name                : TGCS021-N2
Edition             : Enterprise
AdminDisplayVersion : Version 15.1 (Build 1913.5)            CU15

On Node 1 all the databases are active but some belong on Node 2 and I can not move them to Node 2 they fail.

Then I saw this and thought it might be the reason

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>get-ServerComponentState -Identity TGCS021-N2

Server                             Component                  State
------                             ---------                  ----- ServerWideOffline          Inactive HubTransport               Inactive FrontendTransport          Inactive Monitoring                 Active RecoveryActionsEnabled     Active AutoDiscoverProxy          Inactive ActiveSyncProxy            Inactive EcpProxy                   Inactive EwsProxy                   Inactive ImapProxy                  Inactive OabProxy                   Inactive OwaProxy                   Inactive PopProxy                   Inactive PushNotificationsProxy     Inactive RpsProxy                   Inactive RwsProxy                   Inactive RpcProxy                   Inactive UMCallRouter               Inactive XropProxy                  Inactive HttpProxyAvailabilityGroup Inactive ForwardSyncDaemon          Inactive ProvisioningRps            Inactive MapiProxy                  Inactive EdgeTransport              Inactive HighAvailability           Inactive SharedCache                Inactive MailboxDeliveryProxy       Inactive RoutingUpdates             Inactive RestProxy                  Inactive DefaultProxy               Inactive Lsass                      Inactive RoutingService             Inactive E4EProxy                   Inactive CafeLAMv2                  Inactive LogExportProvider          Inactive

I ran this several times restarted the server  and no luck

PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-ServerComponentState "TGCS021-N2" | % { Set-ServerComponentState "TGCS021-N2" -Requester Fu
nctional -Component $_.Component -State Active }

The databases will not move unless high availability  is active.

Any ideas ?

My email is not flowing properly now.
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The Exchange Server was in maintenance  mode ran a script to remove maint mode.

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