Need Direction for Which High quality web cams that are cam ONLY - no built-in microphone

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Any high quality web cams that are cam ONLY - no builtin microphone?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

If this is due to a legal restriction (some states do not allow audio in conjunction with video surveillance), buy whatever camera you like, open it up, and cut one wire going to the microphone.  Gives you a better selection than restricting yourself to video-only units.

Some cameras also offer the option to turn off audio on their setup pages.


Cutting the wire can't work in this situation: I need to prevent the PC from recognizing the camera' presence ado that the software (Google Hangouts) does not grab the built-in mic.  Want to make the camera's built-in mic not an option.  So that, despite restarts, or any type of software starts and stops, there is no microphone available.
Principal Software Engineer
Oh, you want a PC USB camera, not an IP cam.

Buy whatever camera you like, then go into Device Manager and disable the camera's sound device.

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