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I know this is a weird question. but I'm sure you can help me with some suggestions please.

Bought a samsung smartthings wifi & hub thinking I can take it anywhere  (portable) but I realized it has to be connected wired (ethernet) to function. Since I have show a demo with this smartthings where I cannot get a ethernet and I have to depend on my wireless modem (portable) for this demo.

Looking for a wireless adapter or some device which can connect to my portable wireless and have an ethernet output, So I can take the ethernet out to connect my smartthing wifi & hub

Not sure, if these can help.
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Jackie Man IT Manager
Top Expert 2010

Is your samsung smartthings wifi & hub a version 3 model?

If yes, try the following.

Setup your samsung smartthings wifi & hub first using a normal router which has an Ethernet port first. After you have associated your samsung smartthings wifi & hub with your Samsung account, you can change its network setting from Ethernet to WiFi. But, you will lose the router functions of your samsung smartthings wifi & hub if you use WiFi to connect.


thanks Jackie, I read this thread. Bit confused hence didnt attempt to do this.

Not sure on specific device you are using but we've used travel routers in the past to pickup wifi signal and then provide Ethernet to connect with multiple devices through another switch.  E.g.


Thanks Steve, thats exactly I was looking for.

Had a quick look, that model is unavailable in Australia

but found this and going to visit a nearby store to confirm. Do you think, this would work pls

Looks likely.  Depends whether you need / want the celluar bit built into it, one of something similar to that  would connect to your existing travel wifi hotspot, via mobile phone hotspot or a nearby random wifi network you can access and give access to your own known wifi network and ethernet port - connect a small ethernet switch or possibly directly to your smartthings unit.  There are many similar on Amazon AU...
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

To determine best options requires a bit of analysis.

1) Consider geography of your connection. Will you be in one place or many places. And will this be in one country or many.

2) Based on #1, you'll first choose what carrier coverage you have available.

3) Based on #1 + #2 + your monthly budget, you'll purchase either a carrier or service like Clear (If clear even exists anymore).

4) At this point, then you'll either using tethering on your cell phone or you'll purchase a WiFi hotspot device.

5) There is also one other consideration, which will determine how your solve #4. This is number of clients which will be connecting.

If you <10 clients, then choices are fairly easy. If you have 50-100+ clients requiring connection, then implementation becomes more complex.

Summary: You start with your final implementation requirements first, then make a determination on service, then gear which will use your service.
Thanks everyone for the help. that gave me good lead and confident to purchase below device and it worked fine as I expected

Btw if you choose your answer no one else gets any credit for assistance.


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