GPRMC time is incorrect

Francois Koutchouk
Francois Koutchouk used Ask the Experts™
I am reading the GPRMC values, all is well.  The date is correct, but the time is incorrect.  It seems to be some sort of sequential counter instead.
restart the code and it resumes at:
175634.000   -- the very first hour, minute and second is correct then...
175635.000  -- the loop is about 5 seconds, so it should really say 175640.000
175700.000 -- so the counter looks like seconds!

Puzzling and concerning because I need to know at exactly what time the GPS coordinates where taken.

What am I missing?
Thank you.
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In fact the problem is that I am reading the serial buffer FIFO, so it is "old" data.
You need to read the entire buffer, find the latest full segment, then read its date-time.  The next time around, the date-time will correct.

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