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Why can I not set up Outlook?

DoctorK12008 used Ask the Experts™
I am using Outlook 365 on a computer running Windows 10 Professional 64 bit.   When I try to set up my POP email I cannot get the right settings for outgoing server.   On other computers I can specify that the outgoing sever requires authentication.   Can I set up my email in Outlook any other way than POP?
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Do you allow auto detection or you use manual setup,

The option can adjusted in the options accounts and going through the advanced outgoing settings.

Not sure where or why you are encountering an issue.

Potentially you gave to go through the advanced settings to alter the port from 25 to either 465 SSL or 587 .....

Most isos block outgoing port 25 destined connections.
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If you're having trouble with the configuration screens, I've noticed Microsoft has tried to "simplify" them and, in doing so, has crippled the setup process unless you're using Office 365 or Exchange.  You can often get around this by managing the outlook configuration via the Mail control panel (classic Control Panel).  adjust the settings through that.


I set up mail in control panel.   I am using Office 365.   When I tried to set it up initially, it did not find an encripted   something or other, so tried to get an unencripted one.   I did not wait for that to finish, so I just canceled it.   After trying again and waiting several minutes, the unencripted one worked and I was able to finish setting up Outlook.   Thanks to both for your suggestions.