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What is this Add On for Comments & Highlights in Adobe Acrobat?

Need robust highlight & comment exporting for PDFs.

Found this description here:

OK. I found an awesome tool in the [Adobe Acrobat] app Highlights!

My workflow is now read and highlight in Preview, Save, Open in Highlights and export to .pdf (several other options available.) Easy.

The new .pdf is very easy to read, the highlights I made are collated under a page number reference.

Thanks for replies to my question. Problem is solved.

Just about to buy another brand which has good export of comments, but would prefer to use Adobe Acrobat DC.  

Anyone have any experience with this additional comment exporting app inside Adobe Acrobat called "Highlights" described above?  Need some screenshots of what this looks like in Adobe Acrobat?  It seems like it is a US$30 add-on.  Am I right?  Is it available if I'm using the subscription model for Adobe Acrobat?  Not the highlighting feature itself - that's a default feature.  It seems to be some kind of add-on offered by Adobe that cleanly exports comments & highlights.

Many thanks!!!!
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