How to divide up CPUs among Virtual Machines

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Processor allocation in VM settings Hi,
 I have a new Hyper-V Server equipped with two physical Intel Xeon Silver 4110 LGA3647 2.1Ghz 11MB 8/16 CPUs.
 Currently I am running 4 VMs - (1) Application/File Server, (2) Domain Controller, (3) Terminal Server and (4) Windows 10 (that I use for testing). There are total 8 users who do Word/Excel/Outlook and web surfing.
 What is the best way to divide up the CPU and cores in Virtual Machine settings among three major VMs - APP/DC/TS?

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Director, Information Systems
The member server, the domain controller, and the Windows 10 VMs likely won't require much in the way of processing power (though you would know more about that).  I would only allocate 1 or 2 VCPUs to each of them.  

The TS server will be doing a fair amount of work and so I would allocate VCPUs to it accordingly, depending on the number of users and what they're doing once they log in.
Shabarinath RamadasanInfrastructure Architect


The number of CPU required is always based on the demand. If you assign 8 CPUs for a server where the total CPU utilization is minimal - Its not going to improve performance as we think.
I would suggest to go with 2 CPU for all these workloads and check if thats sufficient or not.
For the servers which needs more CPU will have higher CPU utilization when allocated with minimal CPU. So keep on watching and add additional CPUs based on your analysis.

Cheers !


SINCE there are 2 physical CPUs, can you  allocate one of them to a specific VM?
I don’t see that option in VM settings. It appears that you can only change vCPU count.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

"SINCE there are 2 physical CPUs, can you  allocate one of them to a specific VM?"
No, you can't dedicate physical CPUs to virtual machines.  All you can control is the virtual CPU count.

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