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Best file recovery software for Windows scandisk damaged hard drive, please?

Windows scandisk damaged the file system on a hard drive.  I have used several file recovery programs before but I'm not certain that I have ever used the BEST one.  What, in your experience, is the best one for speed and accuracy?
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Russ Suter

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i find GetDataBack the best - it shows for free what it can recover, you only pay for storing data
it also recovers to the proper filetree items
and it does not cost much

however, you posted "Windows scandisk damaged the file system on a hard drive"  and i found that when windows fixes things on a bad drive - it nearly Always becomes irrecovereable
that's why i never recommend to run it when a bad drive can be suspected
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nobus - thank you.  Scandisk ran by itself at startup.  Apparently you have to watch very intently ANY time a Windows computer is starting up so that you can hit any key within ten seconds.  

Russ:  I agree with you on accuracy does not equal speed.  Funny I forgot about spinrite even though I used it 25 years ago!
yep - unfortunately - that's correct
they should better just tell you that problems weredetected, and repairs are needed