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how to change the playback speed on my iPhone 6s+

Dwight Baer
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How to change the playback speed on my iPhone 6s+
All the helpful tips I find on Google want to refer to "iPod" or "Podcasts".  But when I search on my iPhone, I don't see either ipod or podcasts.
I want to play a .mp3 audio course at a faster speed.

Thanks a lot.
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At support.apple.com - https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT201859#more - it says that I can adjust the playback speed of my podcast using "Apple Podcasts" - but what is "Apple Podcasts"?  I have both "Podcast App" as well as "Podcasts" on my iPhone.  Please see attachment for a complete collection of screen snaps from my iPhone.  Thank you.
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Summary of my question:  
I have a whole bunch of .mp3 files that are course materials that I need to listen to.

I can now play my .mp3 file on my iPhone using the "Music" app.  But the "Music" app doesn't allow me to speed up the playback.  I'm supposed to be able to adjust the playback using "Apple Podcasts", but a) I'm not sure what the "Apple Podcasts" app looks like, and b) I don't know how to associate my .mp3 file with the application.
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Here some online search results for How to Listen on Double Speed with an iPhone or iPod.

Jackie Man IT Manager
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Podcasts app is different from "Podcast app". You need the Podcasts app from Apple.
Jackie Man IT Manager
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But the most difficult part is to import your .mp3 files into Podcasts app.

"To make mp3 files into podcasts:
First, in itunes, find the mp3 file(s) in the music section, and hit edit, then delete. It will tell you that
it will remove it from itunes and the iphone, click OK.
Then it will ask you if you want to put the file in the trash or keep the file
in the music folder. Keep the file. This will remove it from itunes, and the iphone, which is what you want.
Second, open up a finder window on the mac. Navigate to the itunes music folder,
which is in machd/users/johnsmith/music/itunes/itunes music. Then open another finder window alongside the one that is showing the itunes music folder. In that finder window, create a unique named new folder on the desktop, such as "movedmusic". Now, go to the itunes music folder and drag the mp3 file over to the "movedmusic" folder and drop it there. Now, the mp3 file is no longer in itunes at all.
Third, go back to itunes main screen, click File, then "add to library". It will open a mini finder window of it's own. Navigate to the "movedmusic" folder you created on your desktop and select the mp3 file, and let it import into itunes.
Don't worry about where itunes puts it. iTunes will put it in "songs", but that is ok. It is still seen as "new" to itunes.
Fourth, go to the "music" at the top left of itunes menu. Find the newly imported mp3 file. Right click and select "get info". Open "options" and change it from "music" to "podcast" and hit OK. Now, you will see it disappear from the main screen in music. Go to podcasts on the left menu, and it will now be in podcasts. But WAIT! There is one more step to do or it won't sync to your iphone. Now go to the iphone on the left hand menu and select it under "devices". Then go to the iphone's "podcasts" tab, and you'll see the mp3 file you just added as a podcast. Make sure you put a check in the checkbox, that will tell itunes to sync your newly added mp3 PODCAST to your iphone. Then go over to File at the top of itunes and select "sync iphone". After the iphone syncs, your mp3 will be on your iphone in the podcast menu, and not in the songs menu!

Source: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2380221