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Skype - no alert sounds for people coming online please.

amigan_99 used Ask the Experts™
When people are coming online in Skype I am hearing an audible alert and it's driving me nuts. Is there a way to
turn that off?
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Not sure all Skype's are created equal so I'm not sure if you can see what other see but here is a video that shows you can control what events play sounds at the event level:

It is under Skype->Profile->Change Sounds
amigan_99Network Engineer


That must be from an earlier version. My left most menu item is File and there's no Profile. There is a Tools/Options  that has a lot of settable items. But nothing I see allows me to disable sound notifications when people become available.
Network Engineer
I found it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRP1VmX6B3g

You just have to untag the person. I'm new at this company and the company tagged
everybody by default. So I get inundated in the morning with bong bong bong - Sue's
available! Bob's available! OMG - who came up with that. :-)
amigan_99Network Engineer


Thanks for posting the video even if it was date. It inspired me to search a couple of ways on youtube myself