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Legacy Application on IIS 10

I have a new Dell Power Edge server with 2016 server std. installed. When I was configuring the server I installed Windows Admin Center. The server has been deployed to a client that uses a legacy application that runs on IIS. The application has to be accessed using Internet Explorer. It will not function properly in other browsers. When I attempted to access the application I got a 503 error. I thought that Windows Admin Center might be causing the issue so I uninstalled it using appwiz.cpl. The problem persists. After trying other possible causes I have found this; which leads me to think that Windows Admin Center may still be the problem. I have run the provided commands on 443 and 80
netsh http delete sslcert ipport=
netsh http delete urlacl url=https://+:443/
I still have the same 503 error. I have this legacy app running on other 2016 and 2019 servers and used one of them as a template to check the IIS settings. Windows Admin Center seems like the most likely cause at this point. Looking for advice on how to remove any residual configuration, or other ideas.
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For these 5xx errors, I would check the web.config file in the default web site, rename or remove it and try again.
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Thanks for the Suggestion. I renamed the file web.config.old and restarted the server. I tried IE but I still have a 503 The service is unavailable.  error. I checked in the wwwroot folder. The old file is still there but a new one was not created. Am I missing a step?
Maybe IIS needs some extra features installed? ASP, ASP.NET, CGI, newer .NET Framework or the Application Pool settings changed...
I have called tech support for the legacy application and spent several hours with them over the course of several calls. We have tweaked the settings in IE, and in IIS, in every way we could find. I have compared IIS & IE settings line-by-line with another 2006 server that is hosting the application successfully. Still seeing the same error. I am seriously considering re-installing the OS. I already have more hours in this job than I can get paid for.
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